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Mark Cochran
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inturition can be trained in. I know this again from reading, but also from first hand experance. One of those experances deals with my on instructore who has a severly limited range of visoin on his one side. However even so you can't approuch him from that side without being detected. This came from years of training in MA to compinsate for that lose of vision. The secound come from training in the dark. The seiniior students blind fold us and then turn of the lights. They then procede to move about the room lauching surprise attack at us or just trying to suprise us. I've found that after only five years training I can get a pretty good feeling of were somebody is even blindfolded and in the dark. Maby it intutition of just atmosphereinc sensitivity. Oh yeah most MA sections are marked, but if yah need help you could always ask someone

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