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Hi Jim;

OK a Stockwell joke - where in Canada are you.

I think I upset Anne with my joke - I was just being silly - really. But you know, I've told that joke where politics went from bad to horrible and I swear there was a marked change in the place over the next few weeks.

Back to intuition - we can refer to it as sen sen no sen which is the higher form of sen no sen (seizing the initiative). When you become really good at the latter the higher level just becomes. It can be trained as long as you start from the lower level of sen no sen. On an individual combat situation it is looking for the intake of breath, the blink of an eye, the shift in body position. On a more macro level, it requires being aware of your surroundings, how those around you are moving, where their eyes are going. All this of course without giving it away that you are observing things closely.

Be aware - intuition will follow.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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