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Re: Difference: Male and Female Sensei

When I had only few years of experience in aikido, I might have had another opinion, but after more than 15 years, the only real difference I've been able to see aikido-wise between male and female aikido instructors is the sign on the door of the restroom they use. (Really.) The sensei I've trained longest under (c.6 years) was a woman, the others have been mostly men. And people are, well, people. If I had to generalize, I would have to say that the women were usually shorter than the men, with lower centers of gravity -- no more and no less effective at teaching or at demonstrating their skills at any given level on the basis of their gender.

However, I have observed that the politics of being female in a mostly-male environment can get a little uncomfortable, for some women -- and vice versa, for some men. (And even more strangely, the converse of both situations, as well). We always bring more onto the mat than just our persons. But we work with whatever we are presented with, on the mat and off, and blend with it as best we can.
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