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Dan Hover
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Re: Re: Daito Ryu

Originally posted by andrew

I think they're based on exactly the same ideas, and in combat they should be fairly identical,
this is a little off. If you compare DTR and aikido today, Aikido during the Iwama period and even the Aikibudo period. You will see this. You are skipping the influence of Onisaburo Deguchi and Omoto kyo on O sensei, the 1 spirit, 8 powers, 3 elements, and the 4 origins. These are the spiritual foundations of Aikido and appear nowhere in DTR dogma. Secondly Aikido is not a combat art, but an art to bring peace and harmony to the world. Thirdly technique wise yes Aikido owes a huge debt technically to DTR. But the techniques are now clearly different. Nidai Doshu deleted many of the jutsu like pins and throws in his efforts to standardize and spread the art. Thirdly contrary to popular belief Osensei only trained in DTR for perhaps a total of 70 days. Spread out over the course of his life. DTR and Aikido are no more the same than Tae Kwon Do is to Karate. Yes both retain elements of Aiki training. And some movements are similiar, but if one looks into the matters a little deeper this is where the difference may be noticed. Trees can look the same from the road, but in the woods they are all different.

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of course that's my opinion, I could be wrong
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