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Re: Scared Sempai

Jordan Steele wrote:
In my experience he is probably not actually a good nage either. It is impossible to be a good nage without being a good uke. This situation sounds like a major pain. He will most likely not change as it sounds like he has weak spirit. Just try and avoid training with him and when you have to, don't give up your full uke abilites to someone hat won't return the effort.
still think the guy has a weak spirit?

When are we all ...including me...learn not to make snap judgements about people based upon a few words on a website?

When training you can learn from everyone...the super achievers and the most awkward partners.

From the mr.puniverse to the bodybuilding hulks.

Who's to say whose the strongest mentally? the greek god who never had a problem in his life, been to the right school and daddy pays the bills....or the emotionally traumatised eternal victim who despite everything still makes an effort to confront their fears no matter how hard they find it.

Whos shown the most spirit simply walking onto the mat?

Before criticising someone as having a weak spirit take a look in the mirror.

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