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Re: Questions before testing.

I get confused on the terms Omote and Ura.
The others are right about the meanings of the words omote and ura (front and back, respectively.) I personally think of them as straight (omote) and turning (ura) This isn't what the words mean, but its generally a bit clearer in my mind.

When you do shomenuchi ikkyo omtoe, you walk straight. For ura, you step in and then "turn". See? Okay, maybe that only works for me... Sorry...

I'm still a little confused on the order of things on Happo-No-Undo.
*The way I was taught* Step right, pivot to the open side, step left. Repeat.
Reverse the directions for a left footed start.

And as for Sumi-Hanmi-Waza.
Sorry, I'm also not familiar with this term.

For everything, you're best off asking Sensei or a sempai student, they'll know what's correct in your dojo. Good luck on the test, sorry I couldn't be more help.
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