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Greg Jennings
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A Different Tack

We don't use the spiral down, twisty/turny irimi nage very much. Rather one more direct.

Instead of controlling uke's neck and leading him forward and around, we use the back of the collar (or a handful of hair or whatever) to unbalance uke straight to the rear then step through for the throw.

Another trick that we use is to apply atemi to uke's face or ribs in order to generate an opening to apply the technique the way we want.

If the attack is appropriate, a "hook" punch to uke's face with nage's trailing arm works very well.

I like doing it this way because it slows things down and helps me control uke's actions. It's amazing how compliant uke's are with their mind scrambled from that middle knuckle shot in their face.

As always, there is no right way and no wrong way; just different ways and that's cool.


Greg Jennings
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