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Re: That was Zen, this is Tao

Go figure. Maybe there are some universal truths, and enlightenment by any path is still enlightenment.

Many paths, could it be that they all leads toward the same Source?

Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaeism, budo....

the more I study, the more they all seem to be different labels, different explanations, different garments on the same Truth.
Ultimately I believe that there is no right or wrong religion that one could follow, but that all religions serve the point to make their followers happy. This being said it makes perfect sense that the spirituality that one finds in aikido goes hand in hand with the religion one finds in life...

While, this might sound like I'm saying aikido is a religion, I am not...simply stating that there is a level of spirituality located in it that opens our minds.

Many religions do teach many different things but deep down most ( those that serve to help mankind) follow the ideal of peace and harmony...Christians are vessels of God and therefore should have his light shine through them...Muslims are commanded by God to do good things to fellow man...Buddhists strive to extinguish dukkha...Hindus open their arms to all of these trains of thoughts and follow them in peace...All of these religions are different yet they all teach peace.

Zen Buddhism and Aikido can go hand in hand and it wouldn't make any sense for it not to...make peace through not suffering...make peace through universal love, both of these ideologies bind the existence of man and must be seen together and seperate.

One can practice aikido and never gain a strong following of any religion, the same as anyone can follow any religion without even hearing the term aikido but in the end they strive to accomplish the same thing...

But that's just my opinion.
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