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I'm not saying ukes don't get hurt, and from what i hear about Chiba Sensei's use of his ukes, my first sensei must have inhereited from him...but...
he also stressed, nearly every day that i recall, that uke gave nage a gift of his body in giving a good and sincere attack each time (so PRACTICE your ukemi) and maintained connection. AND that Aikido was Love, so nage had better respect that gift. So no, i was never afraid in taking ukemi from any student or teacher, and worked hard to get mine better so they'd throw me without worrying. I've been to other dojos that don't stress ukemi, and some of those students do seem afraid, so maybe what you say is why. If the uke's level is not up to a dramatic fall the instructor of course has the option to do something else; if he's attacking with force in the wrong direction to avoid getting hurt in one technique, the option remains. of course, nage must understand the technique enough to know what attack is called for, and how good his uke is, but if he's teaching....i would never think that my instructors were going to hurt me---and yes, i've ben caught off guard by atemi before, usually not since as a small female i'm used to getting out of the way of a fist approaching my body, but the worst thing it does is knock me down, i'm sure due to the intent and control of the instructor.
if you are afraid while attacking, your ukemi can suffer and i guess getting hurt can be self-fulfilling...
and Nacho, i just read your edit. I don't see that his uke was afraid, but rather altered his usual method of attack. i would think that this combined with O Sensei not feeling well and so perhaps his own timing and sensitivity to uke being off, may have combined to bring on the fall. It doesn't say how the shoulder dislocated, but i'd bet it was from uke's fall rather than the technique---from an uke who held back, did not commit to the attack.
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