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arvin m.
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takedown in iriminage

thought id start another thread. This question has been buggin me for sometime. When i once executed an iriminage(i think it was from ai hanmi...) on a new white belt, he was extremely tense, so much so that i couldnt bring him to the ground when i grabbed his neck and tried to do so. My sensei once activated some nerve points on the back of my neck(see my previous post on pressure points..) and shoved m to the ground, but i do not hink that this is the key. Is the trick to this technique doing a fast tenkan turn so that your uke is drawn by your momentum and moves in a circle. I can't seem to effectively control my uke as i was wondering if anyone could help me. Also, how da hell do u apply iriminage on a 6 foot giant(unless of course he's charging at u to try to take u down with a rugby tackle, in which case i believe iriminage would beuatifully blend with his momentum...right?)
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