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Re: Questions before testing.

Alex de la Paz wrote:
I'm still a little confused on the order of things on Happo-No-Undo.

In our dojo we start on our right foot.

From there I:

1) One step up, on right foot. ^
2) Pivot, one step opposite on left.
3) Now, is it one step to the left < or right >?
4) Then we do corners in what directions first?

Then we must start on left side and do the same. I can't do left if I can't do right!
Hi Alex,

Spent a lot of time doing this in Japan, always turn to the open side, towards the back foot, i.e. if the right foot is forward you pivot to the left and move the left foot. If your left foot is forward you pivot right and move the right foot.

Alex de la Paz wrote:
And as for Sumi-Hanmi-Waza.

We start on right foot.

Tenkan. Scoop. Tenkan back and block face, step in with back leg (?) and strike. We must do this five times on each side (left and right).
I don't recognize this term (sumi-hanmi-waza), your description sounds a bit like tai no henka with a tenchinage on the end but that's just my interpretation of your description.

Alex de la Paz wrote:
Now probably my main issue. We must do Shomenuchi Ikkyu (both Omote and Ura) as well as Katatetori Shionage Omote and Ura.

I get confused on the terms Omote and Ura. If you can, step by step explain or give me an easy to remember hint, it'd make it easier for me!
Basically, Omote is front, Ura is behind. Omote techniques involve you moving across uke, Ura techniques usually (although not always ) start with a tenkan movement around the outside, moving behind.

Shomen uchi ikkyo omote. Lead with your front foot as you enter, as you enter you rotate uke's arm forwards and keep walking straight through. Ura, you still enter with your front foot but then step behind (outside) with your back foot and then pivot. Keep turning and uke will spin around you to the floor.

Katate dori Shihonage, depends on whether you are going Ai hanmi or Gyaku hanmi as to which foot (front or back) you move first, but basically the omote version again involves stepping across uke with the first move, Ura will involve tenkan movement around the outside. Think of your happo undo/ happo giri footwork for Shihonage, i.e you will still always move or pivot to the open side.

Alex de la Paz wrote:
If you all can enlighten me on my issues It'd be greatly appreciated!


I hope the above is of use, it is very basic, it's not easy to convey everything in words on a message board. You will be best asking your Sensei or one of your seniors to run through it with you during keiko.



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