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Exclamation Re: intuition

Originally posted by taro
...I've read about focusing on your hara or center for awareness in aikido books. I've also heard about focusing on your heart to get in touch with your intuition, the "little man inside"(this heart thing is not an aikido thing as far as I know). I'm thinking it would be more effective to focus on your hara to get in touch with this intuitive ability rather than your heart area. Does anyone know of any formal research done in this area, or does anyone have any specific personal examples of this phenomenon?
In the Ki Society they use testing to determine how stable a person is. One demo is testing while the person is thinking of their one-point (hara). Then they test while the person is thinking of their third eye (a point between the eyebrows). The results that I've seen indicate a person is more stable by focusing on the one-point (hara) than the third eye. I would imagine the heart area (heart chakra?) might also give the same result.

The interesting thing about the one-point/hara/center/centre/seika tanden/tanden/tan is that it is the physical center of gravity for the human body. Both the heart area and the third eye are higher up on the body than the one-point. One could assume that by thinking at either spot, a person would raise their center of gravity and become more unstable.

If you're interested in this, you might want to read Ki in Aikido by C.M. Shifflett.

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