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Questions before testing.


I took my first Jujitsu test back in August and now it's time for my Aikido test.

I'm still a little confused on the order of things on Happo-No-Undo.

In our dojo we start on our right foot.

From there I:

1) One step up, on right foot. ^
2) Pivot, one step opposite on left.
3) Now, is it one step to the left < or right >?
4) Then we do corners in what directions first?

Then we must start on left side and do the same. I can't do left if I can't do right!

And as for Sumi-Hanmi-Waza.

We start on right foot.

Tenkan. Scoop. Tenkan back and block face, step in with back leg (?) and strike. We must do this five times on each side (left and right).

Now probably my main issue. We must do Shomenuchi Ikkyu (both Omote and Ura) as well as Katatetori Shionage Omote and Ura.

I get confused on the terms Omote and Ura. If you can, step by step explain or give me an easy to remember hint, it'd make it easier for me!

If you all can enlighten me on my issues It'd be greatly appreciated!


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