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Sue Hammerich
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Re: Onegaishimasu!

HEY!!!!! Sounds like you have a fantastic dojo. I'm on the Central Coast, about an hour and some change from San Luis Obispo...and an hour from where I am learing to become part of Aikido. Here's the thing...I, being awake, suffering from a muscle spasm, and curious, did, in fact, check out your website. You are right aobut your links. Quite an eclectic collection; an example of yin and yang; diverse and showing an interesting dichotomy. And, unlike this posting, grammatically correct. . But I am writing to you because I think the Blue Devils rock! I saw them as a kid back in the early 80's because I knew some people involved with the organization. Then, later, I worked for UPS and occasionally went to the Concord building....and whom did I see? The Blue Devils practicing!!!
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