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dan guthrie
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Re: Difference: Male and Female Sensei

I've been very happy with all of my senseis. The women seem to be more sensitive to blending and flowing. Rather than overcompensating for their smaller frames they truly seem, at least to me, to be using the appropriate advantages of Aikido. Our dojo cho makes this comment at least once a week:
"If you're bigger and stronger than your uke, this might work but . . ." then she shows her preferred way. Of course, the preferred way is expected at your kyu demonstration.

Maybe I'm being Captain Obvious??

Also, a large number of women in a dojo means a less intimidating atmosphere for new women. It's hard enough for some people to walk in for the first time. Imagine how difficult it is for a 100 lb woman to walk into a dojo where the smallest other person is nearly twice her size. Or for that matter how hard it is for an overweight woman to walk into any all-male dojo.
I think a female face at the front door is a big factor in increasing female membership.
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