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Re: Shudokan Institute of Aikido

Anthony Wong wrote:
I don't know excatly about Shudokan in UK, Poland, Germany, France and Canada, that's why i like to ask answer from Si Wilson.
My pleasure.

Sensei Edwin Stratton was serving in the British Army in Malaysia in the late '50s early '60s. He went to the Shudokan dojo to train in Judo (as Thamby Rajah Sensei was the first Judo black belt in Malaysia as well as the first Aikido black belt), but Master Thamby was teaching Aikido, so Sensei Stratton started to practice Yoshinkan Aikido under Master Thamby.

In the early '60s, Sensei Stratton returned to the UK opened the first Yoshinkan Aikido dojo in the UK, in Bushy, North London. Sensei Stratton, as Master Thamby's student called his dojo Shudokan as well. The Shudokan was the UK Yoshinkan and was until 1986 when it parted with the Yoshinkan and became independent, headed by Master Thamby. Some dojo within Shudokan wanted to stay with the Yoshinkan, so the Kenshinkai was formed by Sensei Eayrs.

The school in Poland came about when a Polish Aikikai student visited the Shudokan Exeter dojo while in the UK with work. They took him to meet Sensei Stratton, and he was so impressed that when he got back to Poland, he invited Sensei Stratton to go to Poland to teach a Seminar, which he did. After the Seminar, the Polish clubs resigned from the Aikikai and joined the Shudokan. I know them well, as my wife started her Aikido in the Shudokan Gliwice dojo.

Sadly, Sensei Stratton passed away on the 9th of March 2000. I miss him greatly.

The Shudokan in Germany is run by Sensei Jamal Measara, who is Malaysian. He is a senior Okinawa Karate teacher and also teaches Aikido. He learnt his Aikido from Master Thamby and teaches "Shudokan Aikido", but I do not know if he has ever been a member of the Yoshinkan in Germany. I know Sensei Stratton used to go out to Germany to teach.

I did run a dojo in the North west of Germany for a couple of years, while I was posted there, but from the UK school, not Sensei Jamal's.

The Shudokan dojo in France is a dojo run by a young man called Lionel Welch, who learnt Aikido from Sensei Ken Robson (one of Sensei Stratton's student, and now head of the Shudokan in the UK) in Nottingham, and his dojo is a member of the UK Shudokan, like the Polish clubs.

Sensei Joe Thambu has always remained within the Yoshinkan, and also Shudokan to his uncle, Master Thamby Rajah, head of the Shudokan.

About the Shudokan dojo in KL. Sensei Ramlan Ahmed received his 1st Dan from Inoue Sensei (Yoshinkan Kancho), his 2nd Dan from Thamby Sensei, and his 3rd Dan from Inoue Sensei.

Hope that helps.



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