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Re: Anyone have good book suggestions on

There was this one book by this guy who has an uchi deshi program in Denver, forgot his name. Runs "Domo" restaurant. Wrote "Aikido for Life," or something like that, and a book (maybe it was that one) which was about what living as an uchi deshi was like. I remember reading a section on "ki" in one of his books. In that section, he was like, "What is ki? Can you point to it? If it really exists, then what is its texture, etc?" He then exposed a bunch of common tricks that many aikido teachers apparently say prove the power of ki, giving common sense explanations showing how it was physics, rather than some mysterious, free-floating life-force. He also had a section that was like, "Just as you can't find ki, you can't find mind," or something like that. It was interesting, and had a more common sense approach to things like ki which was refreshing. If I remember the name of the book and author, I'll tell you, unless someone else does first. I'll check the library over the weekend or a little later.

edit: Mitsugi Saotome Sensei's books have some good stuff on ki. Aikido and the Harmony of Nature has lots of complicated stuff (Chapter 10--Ki and Kokyu). I think either the introduction to Aikido and the Harmony of Nature or The Principles of Aikido had a good explanation or theory of what ki was, comparing the Japanese concept of ki to other cultures.'

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