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Re: Poll: Which is more important for you in your aikido training?

The Instructor, assuming he/she is certified/qualified to teach what your learning from that person is easily the most important ingredient.
The fellow student's are tool's for both the Instructor as well as the other student's. I am sure I am not the only long time student here. With that said, think of the many students that have come and gone with little to no effect on the dojo atmosphere/spirit. However, can't say the same about the main Instructor, Master, Grand Master, etc....
A good core of students is good for the dojo for numerous reasons, however, I do not think all of them put together can make up for the expert Instructor.
Another way to look at it is that if the student was more important then the teacher, than why the emphasis on the Teacher/student relationship? Student/Student relationships are important of course as well, but no where even close to as important as the Teacher/Student relationship.
Eventually though, you pass the student status and this is when the student to student relationship is most important to students because you or your fellow students whom are also lifers may one day be the one selelcted to carry on the dojo or system or style or whatever other term you wonna use here.
Interesting topic. Should have been a selection for BOTH though because that would have been the most appropriate answer. If I had to choose one or the other, without a doubt the Instructor is most important!


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