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Re: Ukemi vs. Protecting your attacker

John Matsushima wrote:
If Aikido techniques are to protect from harm the nage as well as uke, why does one need such good ukemi?
Because nage may not have very good Aikido, or may not be too interested in protecting uke. When nage is really good, it doesn't matter how bad uke's ukemi is, because good Aikido will always protect both parties. It's finding a good nage...

John Matsushima wrote:
My main question is, what do you think are ways that techniques can be executed with someone that has no ukemi ability without harm?
1. SMOOTHLY (no jerkiness)
2. Consistently (no changes of speed)
3. Controlled
4. Using centre (not arm muscles)
5. With sensitivity to uke's movement
6. Using correct principles (circles, uke's body structure, etc)

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