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Re: Intent of Attack

Sunny Liberti wrote:
I was in a car too, so tenkan was really difficult! I don't know how I could've etirely avoided the collision, so I'm left with how I deal with the aftemath.
What we teach in counter terrorist driving. If you cannot do a Sankaku Irimi into the back end of their car which has less weight and will absorb more of the shock to your car through moving, slam on parking brake and accelerate hard while turning wheel hard. Hit opposing car with rear of your car to reduce damage to your car and so that you can survive and drive away in a hurry while putting most of car in way of bullets. Also, damage to you and your passangers is less even if you only slide into the other vehicle sideways as your seat tends to protect you in the crash if you can get more than halfway turned around.. Also drive heavy SUV.

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