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Lan Powers
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Re: Ukemi vs. Protecting your attacker

John Matsushima wrote:
My main question is, what do you think are ways that techniques can be executed with someone that has no ukemi ability without harm?

It sure takes a LOT more control!
Often I have had to let my technique "fail" if you want to term it that way, because the uke was disconnected, or unwilling to commit, or ....
You can make it work without their input/participation in sucessfully completing the technique in hand.
But it takes more skill, more momentum, or just more willingness to "finish" regardless of ukes wellbeing.

Better sometimes to "let it go" than to hurt them.
I hope I get more & more able to control (safely)
and emulate the more accomplished folk I see practice.
Good question

Play nice, practice hard, but remember, this is a MARTIAL art!
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