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Re: Scared Sempai

My sensei calls Aikido, the Art of Compassion. By this he means that you can choose the level of compassion by which you deal with a situation.
You may choose to be very compassionate towards your drunk uncle when he swings a punch and blend with his attack resulting with him being gently lowered to the ground and held.
You may show less compassion towards a thug in the street that is trying to rob you. You take him down in a more severe manner.
You may show little compassion towards a knife weilding maniac that is intent on your death. You do what you must to deal with the situation safely. This could mean serious injury to your assailant.

Taking a step back and looking at the original post. This thinking still applies. The 'awkward' uke must be dealt with a high level of compassion. Remember tenkan, look from his position before letting your frustration cloud your judgement of the guy.

Bascially I used a long winded way of saying I agree with Tom's comment above.

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