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Rocky Izumi
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Re: Intent of Attack

Sunny Liberti wrote:
Your comment just got me thinking... I wasn't really specifically addressing anything you said, so I hope I didn't step out of line. I wasn't looking though the critical lense of "responding" when I posted this, just rambling about the train of thought your post sent me down. KWIM?
Sunny, don't get all worked up about me. Hardly anything really bothers me nor do I ever get worked up about anything. Hit me, kick me, call me bad names -- just don't make me write bad cheques that I can't cash.

This forum is a learning tool for you, for me, and everyone else. Sometimes in learning, you get struck. You laugh it off and keep practicing since it is all part of learning. If the strike hurt you, then next time, get out of the way. If they keep hurting you, then you are doing something wrong or they are trying to be mean. In either situation, you can deal with it yourself or ask for help. If you want to deal with it yourself and the other person is trying to be mean, warn them once, and if they persist, crush them. Works for me verbally and physically.

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