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Re: Intent of Attack

I thought I'd respond here because I think it's more relevant for this thread than th other one.

Sunny said:
In a dojo, when we see thoughtlessness, it's appropriate to step in, and help out. I perceived thoughtlessness here, so I spoke up. And, no offense Brad, but your perception has little to nothing to do with how I act when I see something as an issue.
I don't mean to attack you, Sunny, personally, but in general, this kind attitude to me seems rather condescending. Unless there are children or otherwise very vulnerable people involved, I'd trust the recipient of the thoughtlessness to be able to speak up for themselves, or not to if they choose.

Actually, if someone was, say stepping on my toes, and a well-meaning bystander started to tell them off for it, I might see _that_ as a slight insult to my capabilities, however well-meant it was. So there we have another example of a person's intention not always matching the outcome...

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