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Intent of Attack

This is continued from "Respecting Sensei".

I disagree that intent is the only factor in an attack. If someone drives over my feet in their car, it hurts whether they meant to or not.

During a time when I was very ill and weak for an extended period of time, I dealt with this issue head-on. Others in my dojo were very well meaning when they thoughtlessly ripped me around every class. I felt attacked and mishandled all the time.

Their intention was to treat me with respect, but they just didn't have the skill set to train in a way that didn't hurt me. It took a couple of years, but we all grew in understanding and skill (and my health returned).

It could be argued that I shouldn't have trained then, but we all made huge progress during that difficult time. I don't think my fellow students' intentions are the things that improved (they've always been top-notch folks), but their understanding of movement and connection. I learned a crapload about ukemi - or movement and connection...

That example has more to do with individual body issues as opposed to cultural, but it's really hard to get past our own experiences in either case.

I don't know if I'm making even the tiniest bit of sense here... I'm exhausted after chasing a 1 year-old around all day. It makes sense in my brain, that's all I can say.

Any other thoughts on the factors that make up an attack??

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