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Re: Playing around with Atemi

Wynand van Dyk wrote:
You do first of all realise that the human body is not made of porcelain .....
No, but it's just as breakable. You have no idea.

.... and that O sensei knew what he was doing right?
He did, but you are not O Sensei anymore than I am. If he did the sort of training you suggest, mea culpa, but I haven't heard of him doing so. And O Sensei did say, in his rules for Aikido practice, "Aikido decides life and death in a single strike, so students must carefully follow the instructor's teaching and not compete to see who is the strongest." Note the "life and death" part. (This copy of O Sensei's rules found at ).

The possibility of me, a relative novice being able to hurt someone in that way with a simple punch is astronomical, even if I put everything I have into the punch I would probably just end up hurting myself.
Depends on where and how you hit. You nail them in the trachea, that person is in serious trouble to say the least.

I am also practicing Pentjak Silat Serak, considered the deadliest, most violent martial art in the world, and yet there are a lot of similarities between Serak techniques and Aikido. Yet we DON'T "play around with" strikes the way you do. If anything, Maha Guru Victor de Thouars is very vocal and insistent on training safely "to train another day."

Now, if the people praciticng something more lethal than Aikido don't do the sort of training you're suggesting, maybe it's a bad idea? Just a thought.

Please, when you respond to a thread in future, take into consideration that I might actually be an intelligent adult human being. Your response, while well meaning was rather patronizing.
I'm not being patronizing; I am being emphatic. And being intelligent overall doesn't mean you can't have a stupid idea.

Martial arts training is, by definition, dangerous. That's why Aikidoka use crash mats and spent so much time on Ukemi waza. This stuff is freakin' DANGEROUS. O Sensei as much as said so in no uncertain terms. Hitting someone to see what the hit does, however lightly, sounds very risky if you don't know what you're doing or are unsupervised by someone who does, and neither is true of you.

Bottom line (again): If you can't find a qualified teacher who can lead you through the areas you are interested in, don't do it. Period.
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