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Re: Playing around with Atemi

Wynand van Dyk wrote:
You do first of all realise that the human body is not made of porcelain and that O sensei knew what he was doing right?

The possibility of me, a relative novice being able to hurt someone in that way with a simple punch is astronomical, even if I put everything I have into the punch I would probably just end up hurting myself.

In my experience, beginners are the most likely candidates to get hurt and to hurt others. Beginners are VERY capable of accidentally hurting other people, people become advanced my learning to control their movements and not cause any unintentional harm

Wynand van Dyk wrote:
Please, when you respond to a thread in future, take into consideration that I might actually be an intelligent adult human being. Your response, while well meaning was rather patronizing.
Sorry, but my reaction to your original question was very similar to his. I think the entire idea is stupid and dangerous, but I'm not going to discourage you from doing it, just I WOULDN'T. Not only that, but I don't think he was trying to be patronizing, I think he was trying to keep you from injuring yourself or someone else.

Maybe you should consider what others have said, train in an art that works on this. As a rule, this, at the very least, isn't something that you should be doing without instruction.
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