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Matt Banks
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Originally posted by ian
P.S. some aikido techniques are great for disarming, but can put the position of the gun close to your ear. This will obviously give you long term hearing damage if it is discharged!


Yep, its not easy to stop someone shooting you. Anyone who knows what their doing, wont let you in close enough to use a tecnique. So just use ki and bend the barrel of the gun. ha ha.

I read a book when o'sensei was asked this questiopn ''So what if someone decides to shoot you from a long distance''

His answer was something on the lines of

''There is quite a long time between someone having the incentive to shoot you, and them actutally doing it''

I feel this was a good answer. He wasnt talking about the time taken to pull the triger but when someone decide to find a gun and use it. Others may read it diffrently.

When Soke Maasaki Hatsumi was asked the same question he said ''ask for a divine intervention from god'' he was being humerous as ever, but I feel this also to be a good answer. Read it how you will.

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