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Originally posted by mj
Erik... Awesome insight. I'm 36... haven't been in a fight for...weeks! 37 this month.
Maybe you're seeing things as they should be. Perspective is such a personall thing
You know, I did kind of state the obvious didn't I.

Let me add something. I think you'll find that the median age (what I meant by getting older) in most dojo is higher than it was 20 years ago. As the age goes up you'll find fewer folks willing to burn their knees up in suwari waza, spend time in koshi practice or able to work a physical practice in the same way someone in their 20's can. I've found older sensei (the median has certainly climbed there) to be very sensitive to this and seemingly less sensitive to the needs of the younger folks who can do these things and want to. Consequently, as we get older as a group, standards will change and they will almost certainly decline in certain areas because of this.
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