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Re: Does Aikido make you smarter?

I would have to agree with Lynn Seiser and Mark Walsh, Aikido attracts thoughtful people. I would also say that there is a component of intellignece in personality, at least as far as these message boards are concerned. Whenever people give their opinions there are a number of reactions. On most message boards the desire to attack and try to make someone look foolish is much more prevalent than it is here. I would say that the spiritual/philosophical side of Aikido influences people to moderate those impulses. I'm not sure if you could call it intelligence, I think it certainly makes people seem more intelligent. I'm much more likely to take criticism from someone who is very careful and diplomatic about it than someone who reacts with disdain because I "don't get it." I'm certainly more likely to see the former as more intelligent than the latter even though raw intelligence may not be a factor there.

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