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Re: Playing around with Atemi

Wynand van Dyk wrote:
I dont think you understand what I am on about. I am not talking about delivering full blown atemi to a person just standing there. I am talking about shoving each other around, not grabbing, not manipulating limbs but just pushing each other in different places and seeing how it affects balance and posture and maybe coupling this with breathing to see if you can get a more or less pronounced effect purely by changing your breathing.

The leg stuff would also occur very slowly, again to see how it affects balance and posture. In a sense I am trying to get a greater feel for how the human body reacts to pressure from different angles and this knowledge would be usefull when attempting to deliver atemi in more "realistic" situations.

According to Gozo Shioda's Aikido Shugyo, O-sensei broke a judoka's hip using a rather light touch that was perfectly timed with the judoka's movement. This is something remarkable to work on.
Going very slowly is a step in the right direction safety wise, but even then, I think it's a bad idea to mess around with it. As you noted, O Sensei broke somebody's hip. That's not an injury you heal with a band-aid.

There are other systems that have already made a study of those things you are looking into; you should look into one of them instead of trying to dope it out by yourself, again, because even going slowly, it's just plain safer.
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