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Re: Wearing of Hakama at Seminars

I'd add 'dont judge a book by its cover' to this.

I recently trained abroad and due to a bit of a cock-up ended up arriving without my hakama.

Because of this I trained with a white belt on.

I ended up partnered with the local aikiloon (no-one else wanted to train with him...)who was fairly obnoxious for about 2 minutes until he for some reason changed his opinion of me. But by then I'd formed a strong opinion of him which will be much harder to change.

I also started jujitsu when I was nidan in Aikido and went to a seminar where an 18year old black belt talked to me as if I were a 5 year old before standing right in front of me and introducing me to what he considered to be nikkyo.

I have to confess that I've not always been the nice person I am now and did rather enjoy his sharp intake of breath as I said..."you mean like thissssssss'. In my defence I was representing Aikido...

With the current trend to cross training and even just the availability of so much martial arts my advice is to treat every partner with respect and care and assume nothing. Feel what they can do before giving them the works.



ps. Hi Eva!
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