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Re: Wearing of Hakama at Seminars

Sung Gyun Cho wrote:
I wouldn't either.

The problem is for the kyu grades: if they meet someone who uses hard tecniques on the yudansha during the seminar, this one could think that the Kyu in Hakama is a Yudansha and make some hard tecnique on could be dangerous..

Many years ago I was at a Summer Camp with a Shihan who did a lot of Koshinage. A guy there was wearing hakama and was called up to take ukeme. There was a sickening crunch and a collective gasp as this guy landed directly on his head. The instructor proceeeded to berate him for his ukeme, sayingh something along the lines of not good for a yudansha when the poor guy replied "but Sensei I'm only 5th Kyu"

If you're going to wear your hakama let your partners know your capabilities.
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