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Re: Does Aikido make you smarter?

Bill Danosky wrote:
Does Aikido make you smarter?
I believe so, yes.

Bad math / pseudo logic alert 101

Intelligence = sum total of cognitive skills (and use thereof)

Gardner theory of cognitive skill types =

(A)Linguistic (B)Logical-Mathematical (C) Kinesthetic (D)Spatial (E) Musical (F) Interpersonal (G)Intrapersonal

Let each type = 1


Aikido(IMHO) =
+1 to C
+1 D
+1 G

Thus: Aikido may help improve "intelligence"

Related Reading:

Body and Mature Behaviour

Potent Self

Case of Nora

The mind and the brain many others that I simply haven't read yet.

As for hard research, jump on pubmed or the psych equivalent (which I've visted, but can't recall the URL of)

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