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Re: Article: The Use of Atemi (Striking) in Aikido by George S. Ledyard

Hello George,

I think the article has good points.
I have a Taekwondo background (3rd dan) and started aikido 10 years ago.
I see the (lack of) use of atemi as a very important thing.
At least when things get a little static. In the dynamic forms you can unbalance your partner pritty wll by using circular movements.
One point is very difficult though: I know how to hit someone and what the impact is of this hit. But if someone has not done any martial art they don't know how to strike. What are your thoughts on teaching students how to strike?
In my opinion your thirt way: the not striking of striking is the best way for aikido. But you have to teach students to react to it if it were the second one (A Strike as a Means to Facilitate Another Technique).
This was the experience I had last monday when I taught a class about atemi using your points. The students (me including) liked it very much.
Are there particular techniques you use for lessons about atemi?


Arjan de Vries
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