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Hiroaki Izumi wrote:
Have you also noticed that as you rise in rank, you tend to fart uncontrollably more often.

Was doing some groundwork with a BJJ guy who was trying to wrap me up in a ball until he put his head near my ass and I farted a big wet one. He ran away screaming. God, I love Aikido.
Man, I thought in other schools people didn't fart. They just held it in or timed it when doing ukemi near someone else. Probably explains the constant frowns on the faces of the masters in those black and white pictures. A form of ki (kiai) training?

My school is notorious for farters. Actually the funniest was when one of my students asked another to pull his finger while in training. Everyone laughed even the lady who came to watch the class. I was kind of embarrassed and thought she wouldn't join up. To my suprise she did!
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