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Mark Cochran
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I agree that shaking things up can lead to students droping out of a dojo. My Sensei often teachs us stuff that most people probable think don't belong in Aikido. He does this mostly because he loves to teach new things. Once he asked the class if we would be intrested in learing a nunchaku kata that he new from his training in karate, before he took up Aikido. We all said yes not knowing what was coming. Next lesson were banging our knees and elbows with nunchakus. We lost three beginer students who felt that such weapons didn't belong in Aikido. So those who stayed learned.
My Sensei is probable what you might call astarving artist. Our lesson fees are very low. Five dollars per lesson in the summer, and pay only if you have the money. If your broke the lessons are on the house. Is that good. Mabey it does allow for many to train who might not beable to train else where.

The meek shall inherit the earth. It is our duty to seek out and protect them.
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