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Tim Griffiths
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Re: Further advices regarding Bokken, anyone?

I'm going to go against most people here and say its better to use a lighter bokken.

Sure, train suburi with a heavier one to feel where you're tense, and to strengthen the right areas. But when practicing, switch to a lighter one. A lighter one is much harder to control, to keep on line and to stop from bouncing (this is a good thing - your technique has to be better). We are not using axes - its a finesse weapon, able to change direction and cut quickly. As far as damaging it goes, you actually want to reduce the impact between the weapons to glancing blows, steering or pushing - no 'hitting' the blade.

As for doing 1,000 bad or 10 correct cuts - that's all well and good, but it takes a while before you can do 10 (or 1) good cuts. One of the ways of finding out what correct means is to feel what its like to do it badly.

Tim - of to another weapons-heavy seminar for the weekend.

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