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Dario Rosati
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Scared Sempai

Hi all,

just a tip to handle a strange situation.

It seems that one of the sempai in my dojo is so unwillingly scared during practice (of hurting himself, I presume) that even if he's better than we kohai as nage, he absolutely sucks as uke... and training with him is extremely frustrating, even people two rank lower have better commitment and attitude in uke role.
He often stops in midlle of tecniques "scared by his own shadow" as we say here... or becomes as rigid in movements as a titanium bar because "sorry, I saw something coming behind my back, stop and restart", or goes forward completely alone in the tecniques (falls or taps even before we begin doing something with his wrist/arm/keikogi).
This often leads to me (and others) begging him to change role and forcing him to be nage all the time, hoping that sensei calls uke change asap...

I've read in other threads that "pushing the limits" or using atemi may be a viable solution, but trust me, this will surely lead to severely hurt him and make the things even worst, from his perpective...

Do you think speaking of this with sensei may help him change attitude? Or may/shall we avoid him on the mat?
Many of us tried with irony ("Hey! You look scared to death by a 6th kyu, mom will not be proud!" or "Hey, did a ghost touch you, because I didn't!") but to no avail, it seems this is a natural and inconscious behavior for him.

I've thought that this should be normal with a kohai (I, as first, sometimes get unwillingly "harder" when training with yudansha guys), but not a sempai!
Or is this a more common situation than I thought?


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