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Re: Playing around with Atemi

Checking out a Systema seminar would be a good exposure to what you seem to be looking for, I've only been to one but have also They do focus on the energy, depth and direction of a strike; as well as dissipating the energy when struck.

Absorbing/blending with the strike and exhaling is a good general approach.

We work on this fairly extensively doing partner work to understand how different strikes will affect the uke's posture. For example, atemi straight into uke's stomach tends to double them over, possibly trapping your arm. That same strike angle down to their rear triangulation point is going to take their hips back and likely put them on their seat! We also use our legs to break the uke's lower triangle, but it tends not to be as effective if you try to kick or sweep their legs. It gets tricky to describe but you are generally better off making contact on the leg and then placing your foot down and basing to disrupt uke.

Or you can work on a strong, fast roundhouse kick and beat their leg into submission!

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