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Re: Playing around with Atemi

Wynand van Dyk wrote:
I think bracing is a natural response to getting hit but I have 2 serious issues with it.
1) You are holding your breath which is a very bad thing when you hit the mat as from being thrown.

2) You are introducing muscular tension, ie - resisting when you should try and blend with the attack.

Moving your hips to re-position the target of the strike is also pretty dumb because that means that the opponent is controlling your centre as opposed to you controlling theirs.

As you can see, I am somewhat at a loss here, clearly, the answer to the getting hit issue is to not be there but sometimes you will get hit, no matter how good you are, how do you cope with a strike then?
I thought we were supposed to use taisabaki in such a way as to blend with the attacks (ideal) or generally avoid gettting hit?

Well it's possible to brace muscles so you don't hold your breath. Takes practice though.

Block? Not ideal but a reasonable last resort.

If you're unwilling to get out of the way or brace or block, then hide a book down the front of your gi?

Suppose one option is adapting our guard so if you do get hit they only hit your arms/elbows etc.
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