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Re: Playing around with Atemi

Xu Wenfung wrote:
Yeah I need feedback too. The only problem I have not met anyone who is willing to stand dummy and take hits, nor am I willing to let my body receive blows. So I am still stuck with non-feedback punching bags. sigh...
No offense, but if you're not willing to let me hit you, I wouldn't be willing to be your practise dummy either...

We sometimes practise puncing each other in the belly. Taking care to hit the stomach muscles, not at the edge of the ribs, because that way you can't go on for long. It's really not that bad. Sensei isn't happy unless I get him to go "ooff" and step back.

Another thing we do is one partner streches their arm out to the side palm toward partner, and the palm is the target. If you stay relaxed and perceptive you can let the punch swing your hand away and it doesn't hurt too much. If your punch isn't snappy enough you just sort of push at the hand, feels very lame... In this position, the muscliest part of the forearm can be a target for shomeuchi practise, too, then you have to allow the arm to drop when hit.

We also use hands as targets for shomenuchi and yokomenuchi practise, hands held palms outward in front of forehead or side of neck. I often do this a couple of times before starting to practice a technique, for a good focused attack.

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