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consumed by the opponent

I just would like to share something with you all and would like to get your views as well. This is not about actual fight that happend but i would be talking about the subject in general terms.

I am sure all of you would agree that some point in our life, we have encountered some people whom we had some disagreement or worse, real fight which resulted in hatred, anger and almost of the negative feelings towards each other. Everytime we cross path with these people, we often think of how to defend ourselves from whatever harm the other party would do to us. We often think of what to say, how to react, what's on their mind right at that moment and all be so paranoid about it. It happens all the time, when you broke up with someone and you're the one that was dumped, when you're a victim of politics inside the office, was confronted by a bigger person, and can't do anything about it and a lot more.

I myself experience this so many times in my life and only after i joined aikido that i learned few things that sad to say, even some higher belts haven't realized. It is because we are being consumed by our opponents or by these people, we think of them always, we're too busy thinking about them...It is for this reason why we often on what to do and for a moment, we lose focus on our life. We allowed ourselves to be consumed by the opponent for that moment thus making us vulnerable to any form of attacks both physical and emotional. We should therefore, stop thinking about these people and just constantly focus on improving oneself and the community we belong to.

Let us all remember that the most important thing in learning aikido is not just the physical training but rather the way of life or "Budo".

For people who wish to add their views, please do so.
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