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Re: On Teaching

I find teaching a great chore and very expensive to my wallet, my business, my free time, and my family. When all others are taking vacation or going out on New Year's eve, I have to be at the dojo for the one or two students that will show up. However, I owe it to the teachers who did the same for me all their lives to do the same for my students. They sacrificed much for me so I have a responsibility to do the same for my students and to keep up the line that they hoped would continue. I will hope that my students will do the same for others some day. The responsibility comes from both sides. From my teachers who taught me the lessons and from my students who look to me for lessons.

I secretly feel sorry for those I see who say they want to be good enough to become instructors. If they really begin to understand the responsibilities one takes on as you become an instructor, you must either feel sorry for them or proud of them. Which is which?

Those of my students who have gone on to take on those responsibilities, I am very proud of for they have learned to take on those responsibilities and have become better people for it. I am sorry for those who tried and the responsibilities beat them down.

Time to stop thinking of the old days and go teach class.

Later dudes and dudettes!
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