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garry cantrell
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Re: knife defenses

i was doing some volunteer work in a soup kitchen some years ago when a fight broke out amongst a couple of the folks beings served. i was hustling one of the combatants through the kitchen and out the back door when my guy picked up a butcher knife and tried to plunge it into my chest. very fluid motion. no feinting, no taunts, just picked it up and went for me. the thing is, my ma-ai was way off - i didn't perceive him as a threat to me and, in fact, we were working in concert to get him away from the other guy - no clue as to why he grabbed the knife. i suspect his personal demon was in the form of mental illness. nonetheless - not much room in a small soup kitchen, and i was standing maybe 1 1/2 feet from him - next thing i knew, his face was against the wall, he was on his tip toes, and i kinda had the beginnings of a shihonage with his right wrist in my right hand and the knife was on the floor - and a half dollar size flap of skin was hanging from my left elbow and my shirt was torn. kinduva terry dobson sensei, no footwork, scenario. so, what's the point of the story? well, this is a martial arts site - so war stories are always fun to recount, but mostly its to say that sometimes you just do what you do because there's no time to consider anything else. it wasn't a fight, it was only a moment.
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