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Re: oyo henka

Bryan Bateman wrote:
He said that kumite was not an Aikido term, there is no kumite in Aikido.

My other sensei did not understand either of the terms, he said that they were not terms that he had used or come across in Aikido.
Yamaguchi Sensei was Saotome Sensei first teacher.
Saotome sensei made up a lot of words to describe things. Another example would be musubi. Ask any Japanese person what that is and they will probably look at their shoes to see if they are tied. Saotome Sensei meant it to be tieing energy together. I heard him explain it as a leaf falling onto a moving stream. He is very artisitic especially in his choice of expression.

I think his Japanese vocabulary with respect to aikido is probably just fine...

I am in the ASU and I think that kind of training is something you have to build up to. I would encourage it in after-class training myself.

I thnk any DVD of him moving is worthwhile just to get an image of what it could be like.

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