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Re: Then and Now

My forgetfulness these days makes me think I might be punch-drunk too. But then, I have so much I would like to forget as well. Too bad I keep forgetting the things I want to remember and remember the things I would like to forget.

By the way, folks, don't get me wrong. Hard training for me does not mean use of muscle and punching in the head. It means throwing softer so the person lands harder and resisting the pins so that the person has to do them with control all through the pinning procedure. As well, it means if you can counter, you counter. If there is an opening for a strike, you hit hard enough to disrupt their concentration and flow so that you can counter. And, you hit for the centre, not necessarily for the head so that you can move them better to do the counter. Strikes are done with the intent to hit and hit hard enough for the other person to feel it. No need to close the fist when hitting the head. A slap will do, even to the chest. Fast, soft and to submission is my definition of hard training so that it is closer to what you would want to do in reality. I try and dissuade strikes to the head as if a police or security officer is caught on TV doing that, it tends to be detrimental to their career. Strikes with closed fists are also dissuaded for the same reason.

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