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Re: Then and Now

Hi Rocky,

I don't have a problem with "hard training" if both people know what the plan is and the skill is there to do it in relative safety. However, an old friend of mine that's been doing "hard training" along with softer training since the mid fifties is living with what's known as "pugilistic dementia". He's been hit in the head too many times. I also know a few people in their seventies and early eighties that have been training very strongly most of their lives that are healthy and seem to be about thirty or so in their internal stuff. I am trying to follow their example and view budo training as "old age benefits" that will enhance our lives instead of progressively and predictably chew us up.

By the way, Aaron's nose is fine and it's getting harder and harder to hit him in the nose!

Safe Holidays Everyone!

Chuck Clark
Jiyushinkai Aikibudo
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