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Originally posted by Sam

2. The point to which I was responding is - "the introduction of competition would not improve the art"
I think however that you did not mean to generalise, but in this comment 'the art' is meant to be Aikikai aikido ?

KAMI : Not at all. For reasons I've explained before I believe a martial art and a sport are two different things. I prefer the art, someone else may prefer the sport. That does not mean an art may not have a sporting part and a sport may not have some parts of the art. But, in my opinion, they tend to separate slowly, just as judo the art became judo the sport, with almost no art at all.

I hope that I have not been 'inelegant' in my discussion but have responded to your valid opinion. If I have been, it is due to my direct nature, and for this I apologise.
Do not worry about offending/upsetting me, despite appearing sensitive I merely jumped at the chance to dicuss something which is of great personal interest.

KAMI : Oh, I really don't know...Perhaps, I was also a bit rash, advocating against any future "break of elegance"...

However I do believe that some things should be(and are) set in stone, such as the underlying principals in what we all practice and I do not think it is possible to tamper with these.
KAMI : Again, I do not know. I personally believe that nothing is "set in stone", all is subject to change, some things more easier than others and some things very hard and difficult to tamper with. I guess the more important is how they are tampered and by whom?
(As you see, no harm done...


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