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Originally posted by Kami

KAMI : 1. No. There isn't anymore. In the Uchideshi system, the student lived with the master, learning just from him.
That's fine if you're being thought a syllabus of standardised fixed techniques, but aikido teaching is based on principles which meet with different interpretations from different people. I think that because Aikido was not founded on an exhaustive library of narrowly (sorry about that word) defined techniques, and not taught in this manner, and each teacher has their own interpretations of what constitutes technique, that you cannot in fact learn from a single teacher. (I think everybody you train with is your teacher in some fashion, though.)

Furthermore, I think the co-operation involved in "dynamic practice" must surely mean that any great teacher actually teaches each of his students in a slightly different manner when they take Ukemi because each will respond in a unique (albeit simular) way due to differences in size and weight. (Once again, I'm trying to get at the notion of principle > technique.)

So I THINK my point is that I believe that learning from a single master is less effective than benifitting from several, and that the old Uchideshi sytem you refer to is perhaps outdated by the basis of aikido.

I realise my differentiation of principle and technique is probably going a bit over the top here, but hey, I'm young and foolish.

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